The Queer Psychoanalysis Society


The Qouch is the Queer Psychoanalysis Society’s publishing platform. We are a network of scholars, writers, and students invested in researching and promoting psychoanalytic methodologies for the study of queer culture and identity. By “queer” we do not limit our scope to gay and lesbian culture, but instead we aim to broaden the concept of queer to encompass all non-normative social practices. We recognize the role that innovations in psychoanalytic theory has played in the development and theorization of queer identity over the course of the past century, from Freud’s concept of polymorphous perversity that posits all subjects begin in a pre-hetero/homo queer state to Lacan’s split subject for whom there is no natural complimentarity between the object and the aim of desire in the symbolic. Our network aims to bring attention to new work in the fields of psychoanalysis and queer theory and to encourage their cross-pollination through communication across disciplines. The Queer Psychoanalysis Society does not endorse any one methodology over others, nor do we adhere dogmatically to every psychoanalytic principle. Rather, we believe that all methodologies should be held to a critical lens and that a constructive discourse woven out of multiple perspectives will expand the horizons of psychoanalytic and queer inquiry.


About the Editors

Diego Costa

Diego Costa is a filmmaker and Provost research fellow at the University of Southern California in the Interdivisional Media Arts & Practice (iMap) doctoral program. He is also a teaching assistant in the Gender Studies department. Costa’s film work explores the symptomatic relationship between queer flesh and queer psyche in essayistic self-fiction and domestic ethnography modes. As an academic Costa focuses on a dynamic hybridization of Queer Theory and Lacanian Psychoanalysis in thinking through digital sexual economies, barebacking, gender-nonconformant children and all things Brazil.

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